Stocks Reservoir Bank and Boat Fly Fishing

Stocks Reservoir is the largest fly fishery in the North West of England. Stocks Reservoir has Four and a half miles of fishable shoreline and 350 acres of open water. Situated at the head of the Hodder Valley in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Stocks has a wild and unspoiled quality the perfect place for a days fly fishing.

Thank you for your support

After 25 years of running the fishery at Stocks Reservoir the time has come for me to hand over the baton. So, at the end of the 2020 season on October 31st I will be leaving.

If all goes to plan, a good friend and colleague will be successful in his bid for the lease on Stocks and the fishery will thrive for many more seasons to come.

I would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone that has supported Stocks over the years and made my experience there such a joyous one. I have made so many good friends I cannot count.

Charlotte and I will be concentrating our efforts in the running of Bank House Fly Fishery in Caton, where I will be available for casting and fishing tuition. I also hope to become the resident fly-fishing guide on Stocks Reservoir in the future.

Thanks to all once again and tight lines everyone. Ben

Ben thanks and goodbye c

Stocks Reservoir is now the premier water in the North of England. It has been named as the most improved fishery in the North by Trout Fisherman Magazine and in the 2003 National Angling Awards it received 2nd place as the best commercial fishery. In 2005 the Northern Shallows of Stocks Reservoir opened to fly fishing and improved Stocks dramatically as a boating venue. The area is rich in aquatic insect life and is the prime trout feeding ground on the reservoir.

Stocks Reservoir Fly Fishery offers fishermen the perfect day out, superb quality trout, a setting of natural beauty and a friendly atmosphere. Glance away from your fly and become captivated by the wildlife that makes Stocks United Utilities most important reservoir in the North West of England for natural history.

Stocks Reservoir was created in the early 1930s by flooding the village of Dale Head and adjacent farmland to provide drinking water for the Fylde.